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  • Brad Hauck

Can I ask you 3 questions?

  • Is your Website the Laziest Member of Staff?
  • Does social media make you want to be anti social?
  • Are you completely confused by what to do online or seeing no results?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place… Welcome!

Here, we try to apply simple principles to online business:

  • This is a No HYPE zone where we keep it easy, avoid jargon like the plague and only talk about systems, tools and techniques that work consistently.
  • We believe that ANYONE can get more business from the Internet by finding what works, and doing it repeatedly.
  • We know that you can LEARN how to do this or develop a strategy that you can get others to do for you.

So who am I? Top question!

My name’s Brad Hauck and spend my days helping business people and entrepreneurs get their head around online marketing. On any given day I could be consulting to a multi-national company in the morning then spend the afternoon with a Mum just launching her first business idea onto the web. Sometimes it’s exhausting but it’s what I love!

While I enjoy my search engine marketing, I like to use systems to integrate everything together to get max results from social media, email marketing, SEO, adwords and more to automate and save people as much time as possible. Let’s face it, you’re probably best at what you do or sell, so why spend time learning irrelevant skills that  you can’t possibly do unless you have a team of people working for you? I’ll help you shortcut the learning curve…

My own journey  started online in 1993, but I started selling online in 1996. My first business was selling computer education books to teachers over the web. I’ve run a series of successful websites and founded an SEO company (I sold it) that advises leading companies on how to succeed online. In 2013 I launched Clickable, my new company which provides marketing services from Google Adwords, SEO, Digital Strategy and more to businesses.

I wrote my first book “The Billion Dollar Blueprint: 7 Steps to Getting More Business Online in Less Time” in 2012 which is a “plane read” (a couple of easy hours) to help you get your marketing systematised and moving up. The feedback so far has been positive :-) I’ve also written for, Business BNE magazine and a range of other publications online.

What I love best? I love speaking at conventions and conferences to people just like you to help them get better results online in less time.

My  business results and testimonials speak for themselves. I’m the reason behind thousands of businesses getting top online marketing results and an unstoppable Internet marketing buzz.

I can make any business more successful online! In the past 5 years alone, I’ve has brought over 50 million visitors to my clients websites through free organic search rankings and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.